ASHRAE NB/PEI Chapter Meeting Schedule 2016/2017

September 26th

Topic: Smart Grid and Smart Buildings

Theme: Student Night / Membership Promotion

October 17th

Topic: Technology Award Presentation - Saint John Regional Hospital

Theme: History Night / Sustainability

November 14th

Topic: Refrigeration

Theme: Refrigeration

December 12th

Topic: Holiday Social

Theme: RP Recognition and Past Presidents Night

January 9th

Topic: Refrigerant Phase Out

Theme: Refrigeration

February 28th

Topic: Bjarne Olesen

Theme: ASHRAE Society President

March 20th

Topic: Seismic Design


April 10th

Topic: Biomass Plant Tour

Theme: Technical Tour

April 19th

Topic: Making Energy Efficiency a Reality

Theme: ASHRAE Webcast

May 2nd and 3rd

Topic: MEET Show Technical Presentations


June 12th

Topic: Technical Tour

Theme: Technical Tour

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